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SKF introduces new laser-sighted thermometer ThermoLaser

SKF Maintenance Products, a division of the SKF Group, has extended its range of measuring instruments with the introduction of its new SKF ThermoLaser, TMTL 260, a laser-sighted non-contact thermometer. Developed to further enhance trouble free operation, this addition to SKF's range of instruments will be welcomed in all industries where preventive maintenance and condition monitoring is common practice.
Accurate bearings and machinery's temperature monitoring provides maintenance engineers with valuable information about an application's operating conditions, allowing them to intervene before problems occur. The new SKF ThermoLaser measures objects' temperature accurately using an infrared detector. Additionally, the SKF ThermoLaser allows temperature measurement where contact with a conventional temperature probe should be avoided in order to prevent surface contamination. Furthermore, the SKF ThermoLaser facilitates temperature measuring from a safe distance, making contact with moving parts or hot surfaces unnecessary.

The new SKF ThermoLaser is user friendly; you simply it aim at the object, pull the trigger and read the temperature displayed on its large, backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The temperature reading can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, which can be held for 7 seconds after the ThermoLaser's trigger is released. Lightweight and compact, the new SKF ThermoLaser utilises advanced class II laser beam for accurate aiming.

The optics of the ThermoLaser sense emitted (E), reflected (R) and transmitted (T) energy, which is collected and focused onto an infrared detector. The ThermoLaser's electronics translate the collected information into a temperature reading, which is displayed on the unit's large backlit LCD.

The new SKF ThermoLaser measures temperature accurately and safely making it suitable for a wide variety of applications within the engineering, industrial, electrical, automotive and food industries.

SKF Maintenance Products is a division of the Swedish bearing company SKF, the world's leading bearing manufacturer. SKF Maintenance Products is an industrial engineering company providing maintenance solutions and products for the bearing market.

Mijdrecht, The Netherlands,
January 2002

For further information please contact Amal Hoetmer, Marketing Communications, at SKF Maintenance Products.

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