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The dark ages are over!

Announcing a new look to
SKF pressure gauges

SKF Maintenance Products, a division of the SKF Group, has been supplying high quality, high capacity pressure gauges for many years. SKF's pressure gauges are well known for their robustness and performance. However, gauges with white or grey face can be difficult to read in bad lighting conditions. Now, the dark ages are now over! SKF has changed the colour of its pressure gauge faces to a high contrast yellow.

Research has shown that yellow is the most visible colour for the human eye to detect. Yellow faces combined with black gauge markings offer users the best opportunity to see the readings in all but the very worst lighting environments.

SKF offers a wide range of gauges reading up to 400MPa (58,000psi), which are ideally suited for tough industrial use. It is also highly important that pressure gauges are accurate and reliable; the SKF range of pressure gauges is designed with this in mind. All SKF pressure gauges are accurate to within 1% of full scale and are filled with a special damping fluid, which reduces the risk of damage to the internal workings during transit or rough handling. In addition, the gauges are fitted with safety glass and safety blow out discs, helping protect the user in the extremely rare event that the internal bourdon tube fails. To help prevent corrosion and ensure a long service life, the gauge cases are made of a high quality stainless steel.

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands,
June 2002

For further information please contact Amal Hoetmer, Marketing Communications, at SKF Maintenance Products.

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