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Safe and effortless bearing dismounting

SKF Hydraulic EasyPull

SKF Maintenance Products, a division of the SKF Group, has extended its range of mechanical tools with the introduction of the new bearing puller SKF Hydraulic EasyPull, TMMA 8E.

The Hydraulic EasyPull combines safety and user-friendliness with the effortless force generation by an integrated hydraulic spindle. A safety valve built in the hydraulic spindle helps prevent puller overload and protects the operator during dismounting. The Hydraulic EasyPull TMMA 8E has a maximum withdrawal force of 80 kN (8 tons imperial) and a long stroke of 80 mm (3.1 in), which facilitate bearing dismounting in one operation.

The Hydraulic EasyPull's unique red rings spring-operated opening mechanism allows the puller to be placed behind the bearing with one movement of the hands. Additionally, its self-locking arms facilitate firm grip behind the bearing, minimising the risk of the puller slipping while under load. The spring-loaded centre point on the hydraulic spindle allows easy centring of the puller on the shaft without damaging it.

The new SKF Hydraulic EasyPull Set, TMMA 8E/SET is the most complete dismounting kit available on the market today. The set offers the unique combination of the Hydraulic EasyPull, a tri-section pulling plate and a puller protective blanket. Combined together, the components of the set facilitate safe and effortless dismounting of bearings or other components, such as pulleys and flywheels.

The tri-section pulling plate, TMMS 160, is especially designed for use in combination with three-armed pullers. The TMMS 160 grips behind the inner ring of the bearing, which prevents the pulling forces from being transmitted through the outer ring and the rolling elements, minimising the risk of bearing damage and reducing the force required for dismounting.

The puller protective blanket, TMMX 350, is made of tough transparent plastic, allowing the user to see what is happening during dismounting and thereby increasing the level of protection. The TMMX 350 is wrapped around the puller and bearing during dismounting, reducing the risk of potential personal injury in the event of component failure.

The Hydraulic EasyPull Set is supplied in a durable metal case with special storage facilities for all parts, minimising the risk of loosing any of the components.

SKF Maintenance Products is a unit within the Swedish industrial engineering company SKF, the world's leading supplier of products, solutions and services in the rolling bearing and seals business. SKF Maintenance Products provides maintenance solutions and products, such as lubricants, automatic lubricators, instruments, induction heaters and mechanical tools, for the bearing market.

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands,
April 2003

For further information please contact Amal Hoetmer, Marketing Communications, at SKF Maintenance Products.

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