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Bearing overheating costs time and money

SKF digital thermometers

SKF Maintenance Products, a division of the SKF Group, has extended its range of measuring instruments with the introduction of four new highly accurate digital thermometers.

The SKF ThermoPen, TMTP 200, is a user friendly, durable pocket size thermometer. It has a wide temperature measurement range, from -40 캜 (-40 캟) up to 200 캜 (392 캟). Its sturdy flexible probe tip ensures effective surface contact for highly accurate temperature measurement. The ThermoPen is dust and water resistant with an IP rate of 65.

The SKF ThermoPen is also available in intrinsically safe (Ex) version, TMTP 200Ex, especially designed for use in explosive hazardous areas. The TMTP 200Ex has been tested and approved for use in high-risk areas, such as underground as well as surface sections of mines, Equipment-group I, category M 1. It has also been approved for use in areas where explosive atmospheres caused by mixtures of air and gasses, vapours or mists are present, Equipment-group II, category 1.

The SKF ThermoLaser, TMTL 260, is a non-contact thermometer, which utilises advanced class II laser beam and an infrared detector for measuring temperature. It has 톋 wide measurement range, from -18 to 260 튏 (0 to 500 튔). The ThermoLaser is extremely user-friendly - simply aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature on the large backlit display. No contact with hot surfaces or moving parts, means safer, faster and easier temperature measurement.

Additionally, the ThermoLaser allows temperature measurement where contact with a conventional temperature probe should be avoided to prevent surface contamination, making it ideal to use for measuring temperature of food processing applications.

The SKF TMDT 1300 is a high accurate dual channel thermometer, with a wide temperatures measurement range, between -50 up to 1300 캜 (-58 to 1999 캟). The thermometer is equipped with many functions such as hold maximum reading and difference between temperature 1 and temperature 2.
The TMDT 1300 has an analogue output for data logging or use in combination with a temperature recorder. A flexible rubber sleeve protects the housing of the TMDT 1300 and its electronics in case of impact. Retractable support allows the TMDT 1300 to stand on its own, freeing the operator's hands during temperature measurement.

SKF Maintenance Products is a unit within the Swedish industrial engineering company SKF, the world's leading supplier of products, customer solutions and services in the rolling bearings and seals business. SKF Maintenance Products provides maintenance solutions and products for the bearing related market.

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands,
May 2003

For further information please contact Amal Hoetmer, Marketing Communications, at SKF Maintenance Products.

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