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Basic Rolling Bearing Technology
Trouble-Free Operation
With the information in this section, we hope to assists users of SKF Bearings to achieve Trouble-Free Operation and optimum rolling bearing life. There are five basic elements, which are essential for achieving maximum machine reliability and performance:
1. Cleanliness
2. Correctly designated high quality bearing
3. Damage free installation
4. Correct lubrication
5. Efficient sealing

Why Rolling Bearings ?
A bearing's function is to support and accurately locate a load, allowing the load to move with the minimum of friction. For rolling bearings, the load is carried on a rotating shaft or housing. Plain bearings were popular and used extensively until the 20th century. The main drawback of plain bearings, the relatively high friction and lubrication problems at low speeds and start up, resulted in the need for a more effective and efficient solution. It had long been realised that rolling friction was much more efficient than sliding friction. With the development of improved methods of manufacture and steels, the rolling element bearing came into its own.

Ball and Roller Bearings
Two distinct families of rolling bearings have been developed: the ball and the roller bearings. The ball bearing is normally used in applications where the loads are relatively light and the speed is high. The contact ellipse between the rolling element and raceway in the load-carrying zone is very small, resulting in extremely high contact pressure.

In roller bearings the load is carried over a significantly larger area due to the line contact between roller and raceway. These bearings are generally capable of carrying heavier loads but are restricted in the speed they can operate at.

Within these two families there are many variants each with specific characteristics and uses. The following are the main types of ball and roller bearings.

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