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* Rolling bearing
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  * Radial location
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tapered bore
  * Axial location
of bearings
  * Housing and
shaft tolerance

Axial Location of Bearings

Locating bearings
More than just an interference fit is required to axially secure the rings of locating bearings. Both rings of locating bearings should be secured axially on both sides using appropriate shoulders, collars, spacers and lockouts.

Non-locating bearings
For non-separable bearings used as non-locating bearings only the ring with the interference fit is axially secured. In the majority of cases this will be the inner ring to the shaft. The other ring must be free to move axially on its seating.

Cross-locating bearings
With "cross locating" bearings the rings are axially secured on one side only.

Abutment and fillet dimensions
Shaft and housing shoulders, collars and sleeves must be dimensioned to provide sufficient support for the bearing ring and allow no contact between the rotating parts of the bearing and the stationary components. The SKF General Catalogue shows the appropriate abutment and fillet dimensions for each individual bearing.

Larger radii provide better stress distribution and are usually required for heavily loaded shafts. In such cases a spacing collar must be places between the inner ring and the shaft shoulder to ensure adequate support surface for the bearing ring. The face of the collar next to the shaft shoulder must have a chamfer to avoid contacting the shaft fillet.

To assist with dismounting, slots can be machined in the shaft and housing shoulders to facilitate the use of withdrawal tools. Use the SKF oil injection method for dismounting, as it is the easiest and quickest method.

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