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* Rolling bearing
  * Ball bearings
  * Roller bearings
  * Bearing life
  * Minimum loads
  * Bearing
  * Radial location
of bearings
  * Bearing with
tapered bore
  * Axial location
of bearings
  * Housing and
shaft tolerance

Minimum Loads

Rolling element bearings require minimum loads to function satisfactorily. This is because the balls or rollers must rotate when carrying the load.
Skidding will occur if the load is not sufficient to overcome cage friction and the resistance from the lubricant, especially during periods of low temperature operation. The consequent is damage to both raceways and rolling elements. Usually the load from the shaft assembly is sufficient to prevent this from happening. In cases where the load is not sufficient, the bearings can be pre-loaded by the use of springs. In some instances reduced bearing internal clearance may help but great caution should be taken to avoid a high pre-load condition, which can result in catastrophic failure.

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