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shaft tolerance

Roller Bearings

Single row cylindrical roller bearings
The rollers of these bearings are guided between internal flanges usually present on only one of the bearing rings The bearing ring with the flanges also carries the roller and cage assembly, which allows the other ring of the bearing to be removed and mounted or dismounted separately. The NU type bearing has two integral flanges on the outer ring and an inner ring without flanges. The N type has two integral flanges on the inner ring and an outer ring without flanges. Other less common variations are also available. This bearing is capable of carrying very high radial loads and will allow axial displacement of the shaft within the bearing. They are therefore suitable for use as non-locating bearings.


Taper roller bearings
Taper roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between which tapered rollers are arranged. The tapered surfaces, if extended, would converge towards a single point on the shaft axis. Their design makes them very suitable for carrying combined radial and axial loads. The axial load carrying capacity is determined by the contact angle, which corresponds to the angle of the outer ring raceway. Like the single row angular contact ball bearing, the taper roller bearing can only carry loads in one direction. A second bearing must be used in either back-to-back or face-to-face configuration. Since the roller ends are in sliding contact with the flange face' good lubrication is of utmost importance.



Spherical roller bearings
The spherical roller bearing consists of an inner ring with a double raceway on which two rows of spherical rollers are attached by the cages. A central guide ring is present separating the roller ends. The outer ring has a spherical raceway. These bearings are capable of carrying large axial and radial loads. They also have the capability to accept misalignment.
The spherical roller bearing is extremely rugged and is used in applications where heavy and arduous loads are present. The bearing can be found in two basic configurations; taper and cylindrical bore. Taper bore allows for easier replacement of bearings on the shaft and greater control of the residual clearance in the bearing during fitting.


The CARB?Bearing
The CARB?bearing is a unique bearing to SKF and has remarkable properties. It has a single row sphered raceway and rollers, which allow for dynamic misalignment and high radial load capacity while offering great freedom for axial movement within the bearing. It can be used as the non-locating bearing in arrangements that require large axial, thermally induced movement in applications such as the drying cylinders on paper machines and support rollers on continuous casting machines. This arrangement results in less vibration and greater stability and a higher product quality control and accuracy.

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