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Housing and Shaft Tolerance

To ensure that the correct fit is achieved between the bearing rings, shaft and housing seating, it is necessary to determine the type of application and bearing selection. To do this the following steps must be considered:


Determine whether the rotating load is inner ring, outer-ring or indeterminate (rotating load conditions applying to both rings). In each case the ring carrying the rotating load i.e. any ring that carries the load, the total circumference of the raceway each revolution must have an interference fit with the housing or shaft. In general practice a bearing ring carrying a stationary load has a transition or free fit.


Determine the need for axial displacement of the bearing.


The magnitude and type of load and the requirements regarding accuracy of running.

The appropriate fit of the bearing for the shaft and housing can then be determined by using the tables. These refer to solid steel shafts and cast iron or steel housings and are valid for a wide range of applications.

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