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SKF Maintenance Products

Through extensive research into extending bearing life, SKF has discovered that about 60% of premature bearing failures can be contributed to poor fitting, inadequate lubrication and contamination. In an effort to help customers reduce premature bearing failures and to get the most from their bearings, SKF Maintenance Products was established in the Netherlands in 1973 to offer a complete range of maintenance tools and lubricants.

Since its foundation, SKF Maintenance Products has been building upon its knowledge and expertise in an effort to help you maximise plant profitability.
Today, SKF Maintenance Products offers the most comprehensive range of bearing maintenance tools and lubricants available on the market.

SKF's range of maintenance products includes pullers, fitting tools, heaters, instruments, lubricants, lubricators and oil injection equipment. These maintenance products are designed specifically for bearing users and regardless of your bearing size, type or application, our comprehensive range of products offers you the right tool for all your bearing maintenance needs.

The range of SKF Maintenance Products is sold through a global network of SKF authorized distributors with central warehousing in Belgium, supported by regional warehouses in Singapore and the United States.

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